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unique pieces
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About the studio

Maidstone Jewelry is about the beauty of the beach stones, that are at the core of our collection.

We find our stones on the beaches of East Hampton. They inspire us and lead to new ideas. Between the land and the ocean there is a constant dance. It takes thousands of years for nature to patiently craft every stone at our feet.

With wonder and respect we work to highlight and display the qualities of the stones we choose.


Design Process

First we visit with you at your choice of location. You tell us about your tastes, about your desires, about yourselves. You show us pictures of rings you like, from the web, from magazines, etc. We show you books of artful rings and catalogue pictures of our work.

We then make drawings based on your ideas and choices.


Our Stories

David (the jewelry designer of Maidstone Jewelry) and Maria married in 2005. Their wedding rings had special significance to each of them.

Maria’s ring consists of 4 strong 18K wire rings held in place by twisted sterling silver wires each representing a union of two. There are 4 gold and 4 silver wires and the marriage of metals represents a solid bond between two different elements.

David’s ring was made with an antique nail from the beams of a Swiss alp barn built in 1833. The blackened iron was forged into a ring shape, the interior inlaid with 18K gold. At the head of the nail is a gold bezel housing a black diamond. The ring is made with materials that have survived for centuries and thus symbolizes an enduring relationship.